Sample prānāyāma practice - April 2020

Strange days have found us. Prānāyāma - yoga's breathing exercises - is an important, perhaps even,  quintessential haṭha-yoga practice, more so that āsana practice.

I am trusting that this video can be used to help establish an effective and beneficial introduction to practising prānāyāma safely in your own home. How will we know it will be safe, given that no two people are alike? Because yoga practices should leave us feeling steady and light (i.e. not dark and not heavy). And while practising, everything we do should be agreeable to the body, breath and mind. You are being invited to practise, and nothing that is being offered is compulsory.

This video was produced under tight time and technical constraints and so it is a bit rough and ready. I trust you don't mind. There are some mispronunciation errors: I should have said 'oojjayi', not 'youjjayi'; and 'praanaayaama', not 'pranaayaama'. I say 'praana' reasonably well.

with best wishes from

Michael Wegerer