February 24, 2019

What we can find when we engage with poetry is a way to reduce the influence of restless and over energetic thoughts and feelings or ones that bring us down.

November 4, 2017

Avidyā [confusion] grows each time we act without thought, without careful attention, mechanically, blindly etc. Bad habits of thinking, speaking and doing develop. Those actions are bound to our [false] sense of who we are. They are super-charged by our likes and disl...

April 4, 2017

Photo by Chris Lu on Unsplash

Spring is a good time to take up the practice of Yoga. But what approach to Yoga can one take? Yoga offers several method to bring clarity and peace to the mind. The Bhagavad Gītā, written in India between 2,200 and 2,500 years ago, identif...

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Yoga Sūtras: my favourite sūtra-s (1)

June 5, 2019

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